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allocateJobChunk(AllocateJobChunkRequest) - Method in interface com.spectralogic.ds3client.Ds3Client
Requests that the server allocate space for a given ChunkId in a BulkPutResponse.
AllocateJobChunkRequest - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.commands
AllocateJobChunkRequest(UUID) - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.commands.AllocateJobChunkRequest
AllocateJobChunkResponse - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.commands
AllocateJobChunkResponse(WebResponse) - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.commands.AllocateJobChunkResponse
AllocateJobChunkResponse.Status - Enum in com.spectralogic.ds3client.commands
attachDataTransferredListener(DataTransferredListener) - Method in class com.spectralogic.ds3client.helpers.JobPartTracker
attachObjectCompletedListener(ObjectCompletedListener) - Method in class com.spectralogic.ds3client.helpers.JobPartTracker