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Job - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
Job() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.Job
JobChunkClientProcessingOrderGuarantee - Enum in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobCompletedNotificationRegistration - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobCompletedNotificationRegistration() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.JobCompletedNotificationRegistration
JobCompletedNotificationRegistrationList - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobCompletedNotificationRegistrationList() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.JobCompletedNotificationRegistrationList
JobCreatedNotificationRegistration - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobCreatedNotificationRegistration() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.JobCreatedNotificationRegistration
JobCreatedNotificationRegistrationList - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobCreatedNotificationRegistrationList() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.JobCreatedNotificationRegistrationList
JobInfo - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.bulk
JobInfo() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.bulk.JobInfo
JobList - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobList() - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.models.JobList
JobPartTracker - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.helpers
This class manages parts for all of the objects in the job.
JobPartTracker(Map<String, ObjectPartTracker>) - Constructor for class com.spectralogic.ds3client.helpers.JobPartTracker
JobRecoveryException - Exception in com.spectralogic.ds3client.helpers
JobRequestType - Enum in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobStatus - Enum in com.spectralogic.ds3client.models
JobUtils - Class in com.spectralogic.ds3client.utils
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